Sony and Olympus are Now in a Deal which Includes Clauses on Venture in Mirrorless Cameras

The rumors are coming true, finally. Two giants in the mirrorless compact system camera world are joining hands together on a deal. It is official and it came out on the Friday, September 28, 2012 issue of Wall Street Journal. If you are a subscriber, you can check the article from here. The deal is really something to raise a buzz on since after this, Sony will become Olympus’ biggest shareholder!

So how big is that deal? Well, let’s put it straight. Sony is going to invest 50 Billion Yen (£399 Millions) into Olympus, a much more financially troubled company at the moment.

Though the deal is chiefly concerned about a joint venture that will work on improving the medical gears, which Olympus is famous for, but it also includes promises to venture new possibilities in the mirrorless camera range. It is quite obvious that the both companies will try to share their strongest sides in making compact system mirrorless cameras. Sony, in that case, masters in making amazing sensors. While, on the other hand, Olympus has its own legacy of creating high performance lenses, OLED etc which they are probably going to be mingling up as the deal includes sharing of components.

We can only speculate the possible outcomes for this amalgamation for now since nothing more has been disclosed about any particular plans. Whatever they move into, we hope it will be something amazing for the mirrorless lovers since compact system mirrorless cameras are the present and base for the future of photography and Sony and Olympus- both are impeccable power houses in this field.

For us, this is obviously a “happening” news. Let’s see how far they go and treat us mirrorless people with their combined delicacies.

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