Panasonic is widely known for producing quality cameras which are deeply appreciated by all kinds of people. They can either be photographers or normal users that get admired to the quality of Panasonic cameras after experiencing their quality.

panasonic gh3 rumor
panasonic gh3 rumor

And with the latest upcoming Micro Four Thirds Compact System Camera Panasonic GH3, it is going to make some noise to the camera lovers who love to use an advance featured compact system camera with some of the latest technologies. From a reliable source in it is confirmed that the Panasonic GH3 is going to be launched pretty soon, in fact the later part of this summer but just before the September Photokina Show.



Although Panasonic worked very hard on the technology of the electronic global shutter it did not manage to integrate it with the new GH3, although when they started manufacturing of GH3, they thought it would be possible to implement this new technology to this version, but unfortunately it was not becoming possible at the end. So the new Panasonic GH3 will be without the electronic global shutter but also at the same time will feature some advanced technologies. And the world will also experience some new improvements with the GH3. Some of the improvement and technologies are like the followings:

  1.  The GH3 is going to be be weather sealed; changes of weather (sun, rain) won’t be able to make any effect on this camera.
  2. There will be some major improvement in the electronic viewfinder and also the autofocus speed (probably getting up to date with the comparable Micro Four Thirds Compact System Camera Olympus OMD E-M5).
  3. The Micro Four Thirds Compact System Camera Panasonic GH3 will be integrated with GPS system for making it more comfortable to use the camera specially for landscape photgraphers.

Considering these features of the GH3, the GPS technology is really something new with cameras. But some people also think it is not really worth to have the GPS in their camera. Instead of having the GPS in camera, they prefer the proper development of the LCD monitor or even integrating the Wi-Fi into the cameras. But with these features I think the Panasonic GH3 would be the best in its category.

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