Fujifilm is a very well-known company for the quality cameras which are widely admired by the camera lovers who think it like a passion to be an owner of the best camera with the advanced features.  And considering the satisfaction of these users, the Fujifilm has recently updated the Firmware of the X-Pro1 compact system camera with lenses.



With these updates, the Fuji X-Pro1 compact system camera has seen an increased quality  compared with others. If we consider about the issues of recent firmware update, this would be the following ones:

  1. This version allows the reduction of the noise of chattering when the camera in shooting mode and the iris of lenses is active.
  2. It also makes improvement of the phenomenon of parallax compensation which is not working under manual focus with OVF bright frame mode.
  3. This version also improves the shutter processing during the process of capturing any picture when it is at low of OVF quality by the visibility of the bright OVF.
  4. It also improves the delete function which was not working after viewing the continuously captured images.
Fuji X-Pro1 Compact System Camera

Fuji X-Pro1 Compact System Camera

But unfortunately it is really a hassle to upgrade any Fujifilm camera. Because at first you have to upgrade the body and then according to the body you need to upgrade the lens and then others which are needed to buy separately. But at the last I must say the X-Pro1 version is a geeky and great camera from Fuji that is at this stage one of the top compact system cameras available in market.

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