It is heard that Canon is set to release a Canon Compact System Camera late August market and based in the Four Thirds Sensor of the Canon Mirrorless Camera G1X that has a fixed lens set, not interchangeable. Although the Canon Compact System Camera has not yet entered market or any of it specs have been provided it is quite likely that offer will be serious and on pair or a touch above current compact system cameras offerings. But we are going to have a look at all the latest Canon Compact System Camera rumors.

Canon Compact System Camera Specs

Canon’s major rival in market of digital photo cameras, Nikon, entered already in the compact system cameras segment with the launch of the Nikon 1 system. However Nikon chose to produce their new compact system camera with a small sensor probably in order to avoid predate sales of their DSLR cameras.

Currently in market there are already a few competitors in the compact system cameras (Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Nikon, Pentax, Leica, Fuji)

Canon Compact System Camera Sensor Rumor

Canon Compact System Camera Sensor Rumor

By looking at the choice of sensor sizes Canon has two options at hands: They can either chose the Four Thirds format for their Canon Compact System Camera as they already did with the Canon G1X or they can go the full frame approach as found in the Leica M9. Both have advantages and disadvantages though. If they go the four thirds route they are able to make lens that are not big even in the telephoto range but sensor will always have a bit of less dynamic range. If they go the full frame route they will have problems producing small sized lens for their new Canon Compact System Camera system.

A designer not affiliated with Canon has mocked up his impressions of a Canon Compact System Camera model and 18 million pixel sensor from the Canon 1DX. Moreover this seems to fly in the face of a recently discovered Canon patent, which apparently showed a new lens designed to work with a mirrorless APS-C body.

Canon Compact System Camera Rumor

Canon Compact System Camera Rumor

The Possible Date for Release of the Canon Compact System Camera

It is hard to say when Canon Compact System Camera will be released as a waiting game with other manufacturers is taking place. However August is the probable month where Canon may release their first Canon Compact System Camera as that month is close from Photokina exposition.

Probable price for Canon Compact System Camera

Though the price of the new Canon Compact System Camera is not yet declared it can be predicted from similar products in the market. The market price may be the same as a competition but it may cost a little bit more if they are going to make their product more featured adding a larger sensor to gain the top place. In this case the price for the Canon Compact System Camera may range from £1000-£1500 based on the regions. Again they may go through another route offering a lower price ranging from £500-£800 to gain more customers, specially soon after the release of their Canon Compact System Camera.

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One Response to Canon Compact System Camera Rumors

  1. JimD says:

    I would welcome canon using the m43 mount and format. I would foresee a nice range of lenses and bodies becoming available.
    They could make a m43 compatible, one that selects m43 electronic tabs or their own automatically, depending on lens fitted, that would give considerable flexibility to both manufacturers and photographers.
    If they did join, it would be an indicator that they see m43 as giving, or capable of giving, at this point, photographers virtually all they want in a camera as far as quality and functionality is concerned, and the cost of APSC lenses and sensors will escalate due to size. Moving now would put Nikon on the back foot.
    Using a m43 size sensor and doing their own thing with mounts and lenses could be very costly. It would be an enormous business risk.
    Ok, business has to take risks, but in reality not many are successful, the losers are quickly and long forgotten. Remember its not always the best that dominates in a consumer market.

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