There are more and more news talking on a release of the Leica X2 compact system camera on the 10th of the May. Besides the released date some information on the Leica X2 compact system camera is circulating and can be summarized as follows:

  1. The possibility an APSC 18MP sensor for the Leica X2 compact system camera which is quite feasible
  2. The Leica X2 compact system camera will be integrated with the new 50mm f/2 Summicron-M lens which will cost an extra $1000 considering the predecessor of this product. It is expecting the cost of the Leica X2 compact system camera to be of around $3,300 USD.
  3. It is very possible to find the Leica X2 compact system camera in two colors black and silver as well as a black and white sensor.
  4. It is not confirmed but pretty much sure about having an LCD screen with the Leica X2.
  5. It will be weather sealed.
  6. There will be a lockable wheel for lens, setting aperture, ISO, shutterspeed.
  7. An HD top screen for having the more information about the captured photos.
  8. One clickwheel with four dedicated buttons.
Leica X2 rumor

Leica X2 rumor

It is really a good idea of using the Black and White sensor, but I am afraid that the Leica X2 would be considered as a special edition product and will demand more dollars than usual. By the Leica X2, Leica again wants the market to move toward them and for that, they integrated the option of changing the lenses of this camera if the users want, which make this more affordable than the Leica M9 and also at the same time more competitive against the Fuji X-Pro1 compact system camera.

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