We are almost certain that Sony is going to come up with a significant firmware update soon for their most popular compact system camera till date, the Sony Alpha NEX 7 compact system camera.

In this very universe, even the most perfect thing may fall short in same cases. The same thing is true for the Sony Alpha NEX 7. Since the release, both journalists and users, have complained and pointed out some issues that this pricey camera has and and have asked Sony to get it fixed. That is why, they are waiting for it to be come a reality with release of a firmware update that will clean up Sony’s image.

We have gone through the bloopers found and reported in the Sony Alpha Nex 7 . From the list of bloopers two of them are actually more than minors and in need of some attention from Sony.

Issue No. 1: The Video Shoot Button

Sony Alpha NEX 7 video shoot button issues
Sony Alpha NEX 7 video shoot button issues

The video shoot button of the Sony Alpha NEX 7 is located in the grip of the back side of its body. That is why, the button is often pressed by the user unintentionally and it starts shooting a video right after. Currently there is no option to keep the button locked when not being used. The users are asking for this inclusion of locking or controlling the video shoot button in the next firmware update.

Issue No. 2: Two Different Directories for Still and Video Files

This issue is an after-effect of the previous one. Sony Alpha NEX 7 has two different directories for the still images and video files to be stored. Surely this was done to keep the two types of files more organized. But sadly, this creates problems for many users indeed. Since the video shoot button can be pressed anytime, even inside the camera bag, many users may be left with a unwanted video that was accidentally filmed. So, when they attempt to delete that, the notification shows, “Deleting Images”, even though the file is a single video file, it says “Images” and the plural form is surely to be noticed.

This is not the end, after deleting the specific file, when a user presses the play button, it says, “No Images” even though the SD card is full with images taken. If operated from the “Menu” again, the other images are found there, but that immediate shock is always shocking.

The users are really looking forward for the firmware update to be released soon to have some fixes for the issues mentioned above. It would be very disappointing for them if Sony misses to include updates of these two bloopers on the Sony Alpha NEX 7. Plus, the critics will get all new topics to point fingers at the compact camera making giant.


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