A very interesting rumor has it that Sony might soon be introducing a full frame NEX compact system camera in near future, which would be another landmark in the short history of compact system cameras. First cameras from the NEX series were introduced by Sony back in 2010. The cameras from this series enjoyed moderate success in the market and were appreciated by the professional photographers, although they could not gain the top position in the industry, given the presence of the Panasonic cameras at the top of the CSC tree.

In the premium sector, NEX-7 from this series seems to be doing pretty well, although it is still not the very best in the market. In this category, there are more popular and presumably better cameras such as Olympus OM-D and Fujifilm X Pro-1. These cameras have been rated higher by general photographers as well as tech analysts. But the possible introduction of a full frame sensor for an NEX camera can drastically alter the present situation and Sony would have a clear edge over its competitors in the domain of compact system cameras.

The present situation is that the NEX series cameras from Sony come with APS-C size sensors. This same size is also found in the DSLT cameras from Sony. Rumors have been circulating since long Sony might soon launch the Alpha a99 DSLT camera which would become world’s first translucent mirror camera. However, so far these rumors have not been materialized and wait for a full frame camera is constantly becoming longer. At present, there are no cameras from Sony which come with full frame sensors, so a new full frame camera would certainly be something that would be a huge benefit for Sony.

So far there is no official confirmation from Sony in this regard and all the information is solely based on rumors and speculations. Tech analysts and internet community have give the rumor of this camera a “SR5″ status, which means that the rumor is almost certainly correct. If this turns out to be true, it would certainly be a great news for the fans of Sony compact system cameras cameras.

Photokina is less than one month away and it is quite understandable that rumor mill is working at its best at present. Considering the rest of the rumors that are circulating over the internet, we certainly are expecting some exciting announcement during the event. Sony might have something in store for us for the event and would perhaps announce full-frame DSLT and mirrorless option during the same event. This would not really come as a surprise, since Sony has already done this with Sony a77 and Sony NEX-7. Both these cameras came with the same APS-C sensor and were announced at the same time in July last year. In the absence of any official information regarding this mysterious and highly anticipated camera, all we can do is wait for the big event next month and see what Sony has up its sleeve.

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