Samsung is all set to bring it to the next level for mirrorless cameras, they are planning to upgrade their NX line with Android OS. Their passive stance in the recent times has been a matter of wrinkles on the forehead for the Samsung fans. This might be the reason for them to be not much there in the news.

The rumor says it that they are about to introduce at least two new models in the NX line and any two, either the upgraded ones or new ones or both are going to be operated with Android system. This is to be done within the first half of 2013. So not that much time left for the unveiling, indeed!

The possible upgrades that Samsung may come up with in the upcoming year are the following:

  • An upgrade with an Android OS, an improved EVF and the now-common thing in the cameras, a tilting screen to the NX1000
  • The launch of the new NX-R camera which will be similar to the NX20

Plus there is also a possibility to have the NX210 replaced by the NX300 with improvised EVF and OVF. Lets see how far Samsung goes to hit the bar in the mirrorless compact system camera world. We just hope Samsung gets things right for them at the new year unlike the earlier ones. Samsung really needs a great push with their products to impress the mirrorless lovers as the competitors are already way up in the sky for them. So, wishing them good luck!

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