Canon the heartthrob brand of legendary cameras and accessories is still not willing to go for professional quality addition in their mirrorless camera line. They seem to be in their way of analyzing the market at first which already has big players like Sony and Fuji racing their breaths out.

Last week in an interview with a Spanish magazine, the Senior Product Specialist for the EOS system of Canon Europe, Richard Shepherd, repeated the company’s clear stance of not diving into the business of making professional mirrorless cameras this moment. This statement, obviously has stirred mixed reactions from the readers worldwide. Many have taken it as Canon’s stubbornness in “playing safe”  while they could have got even bigger with their quality and commitment to camera technology with pro mirrorless cameras. At the same time, there are people who think it is a smart move Canon has taken which will not really make any significant difference in their popularity and fame.

Though they are not interested to gear up the serious photographers for now, Canon has its feat in the mirrorless world and that is the EOS-M series. This digital camera is all they are focusing in terms of compact system ones. It surely seems to be working since at, the EOS M camera is already out of stock. People do love Canon; it is inevitable.

The Compact System Camera from Canon- EOS M

Not going into making professional mirrorless cameras for now might be a part of Canon’s long business plan which of course is made for the company’s over all benefits, but the fans are really missing their presence in the scene and many are choosing some other brands after a long wait instead. We would also appreciate it if Canon joins the competitions, if they do ever. Let’s hope Canon has even better plans for its fans to sustain their love for the brand before its too late.

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