Well, we have all watched the “First Look” video of the Sony Alpha NEX F3 by SGNL on YouTube and several other websites after Sony’s official announcement. The first look has obviously stirred a new wave of excitement among Sony camera lovers. The pre-orders are already available and no wonder the online stores are getting huge hits for these two new Sony cameras.

New Sony Cameras
New Sony Alpha NEX F3 and Alpha 37 Cameras

After that “First Look” video with 6K+ views already, we are here with another hands-on video made by YouTube gadget review channel theverge.com . This one is special because the video has been shot by both the Sony Alpha NEX F3 and A37 cameras! The review of A37 was shot by Sony Alpha NEX-F3 and vice versa. This video gives an exclusive sneak-peek of the video quality of the new Sony Alpha NEX-F3. Plus the video is shot in natural lighting and environment with no extra gadgets used. Let’s not talk more and have a look at the hands-on video of the Sony Alpha NEX-F3 compact system camera and the Alpha 37 shooting one another!

Along with the video quality of 1080P, this clip also shows the new “Mirror” LCD screen and tilts 180 degrees to make capturing self portraits even easier. The pop-up flash also looks pretty amazing. From the video, one important thing to notice is the charging system of the Sony Alpha NEX F3 system camera. It has a USB charging port instead of batteries and Sony declared that it may take about 5 hours to charge completely which can be a problem if you want to use camera while charging batteries.

The $599.99 camera is surely an admirable upgrade to its nearer ancestor the Sony NEX C3 compact system camera. The Sony Alpha NEX F3 compact system camera looks quite decent and absolutely pre-orderable to us. The Sony mirrorless lovers must be dreaming to grab holds on the Alpha NEX F3 since the very first rumor spread. Now, they can finally do that in a cheaper bundle offer with 18-200mm lens before the next lens comes after a couple of months!

For the people who haven’t yet went through the SGNL video of the Sony Alpha NEX F3, please find it here:

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