Canon has so far remained aloof from the domain of compact system cameras but situation would certainly not stay the same for too long. In fact, rumors have already been circulating in the market that Canon First Compact System Camera will most likely hit the market in the month of June.

Canon Mirrorless Camera -  Compact System Camera Rumor
Canon First Compact System Camera – Compact System Camera Rumor

Canon First Compact System Camera to have a Four Thirds Size Sensor

Although so far Canon has not given out any official information in this regard, this does seem perfectly reasonable since if Canon wants to have a fair market share, this is the right time to make the move. According to the rumors, this camera would have a four thirds ratio sensor  and will be like Nikon V1 in physical structure.

Rumor also has it that Canon First Compact System Camera will have the same sensor of the Canon PowerShot G1 X and will have a more modern look, unlike the vintage style look that we find on the compact system cameras from most other tech giants as such as the FujiX100 and Olympus OM-D E-M5.

So far there is no information about the lens-mount of Canon’s First Compact System Camera. Pancake lens can be one possibility but we would have to see whether a pancake lens can be mounted natively or would it need an adapter, since it is usually made for the ILCs. However, we don’t really need to worry about the lenses since there is already a range of Canon lenses with impressive technical specs that can be used with the new mirrorless camera specially if Canon releases an adaptor to support EF and EFS lens.

Like compact system cameras from other companies, we do hope that the one form Canon will be lightweight. At least, the weight should be considerably lower than the one found in DSLR cameras. No one really has any complaint about the technical aspects of DSLR cameras, but the weight factor sometimes becomes a bit annoying. Besides, using whole range of EF lenses and the EF adapter would also be a good idea. Canon First Compact System Camera should also seriously consider providing full cross-compatibility with the EOS system. So far Canon users are to have an ILC with reasonable price and high ISO as well as good high ISO performance and Canon needs to work on this front as well.

The price factor of compact system cameras is also important and we are not sure what the price of Canon First Compact System Camera would be. There is a lot of flexibility in the prices of compact system cameras and some of them are even higher in price than in entry level DSLR cameras. Considering this fluctuation in the price of the compact system cameras, it is quite hard to predict the price of Canon’s First Compact System Camera. But it would be great if Canon could keep the price lower than $800 with kit lens included. Some of the compact system cameras in market have really good specs but they seem to be overly priced. Finally, Canon has always given us cameras with remarkable sensors and let us hope that Canon would not disappoint us this time, specially in the launch of Canon’s First Compact System Camera. So let us just wait for another month and see what Canon has for us in store.

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